Adi Altschuler

Manager of Google for Education Israel


Adi Altschuler , 27 year old ,is  the manager of Google for Education Israel.
Google for EDU vision is to empower all teachers through Technology and Innovation to make learning magical for their students.
In 2002 She Founded ‘Krembo Wings’, Israel’s first and only youth movement for children with special needs.
She established the organization 11 years ago when she was 16 years old and her vision was to”together, creating a place and meaning for everyone”.
Today, Krembo Wings operates 28 branches on a weekly basis with more then 3000 activists and one of the most influential organization in Israel.
In 2011 she founded “Memories@home” an alternative home ceremonies for the Holocaust memorial day.
Her vision was to use the Holocaust memorial day to inspire people to be act deferentially today. The events are taking place in hundreds of houses all over the world every year.
In 2009 Krembo Wings where chosen to receive the “presidential award” from president Shimon Peres for leading social change in Israeli society.
This Year, 2014,  Krembo Wings received the “Yigal Alon” award for Pioneer act.
On Isreal’s 60th independence day Krembo Wings where chosen to light the torch (Mountain Herzel) on behalf of the youth movements and volunteers in the country.
In 2004 she received the “Tamari Award” (Ramon Award) for Leadership and Excellence.
In 2005 she received the “Bernstein Award” for her Entrepreneurship.
In 2007 she was honored both for “Honoree citizen” of the city Hod Hasharon and for “Israel’s Women of the year” by the Lions.
In 2008 she was chosen to be one of the 10 Social Entrepreneurs of the year by “Ernest and Young”.
In 2013 she received “The Rappaport Award” for female leadership creating a social change in the country.