Assaf Granit

Chef and Entrepreneur


My name is Assaf Granit but everyone calls me “Buffalo” . I don’t remember when or how this nickname was born , but It’s pretty accurate.

I was born and raised in Jerusalem and i have always loved the city. She is my inspiration.

My cooking skills were not acquired through formal education rather from sticking close to my grandmother and wandering through the differentes tastes and scents of jerusalem’s streets.

At an early age I  found myself working at various restaurants in jerusalem followed by a number of internships in Europe. Upon my return to Israel I became the head chef at “Adom” (“Red”), a renowned Jerusalem restaurant. Taking part of “Krav sakinim” an equivalent  similarity to “Iron chef”, Israeli style was next- winning the second season  of the show . That put the foot down for “Buffalo” .

I always wanted to open my own restaurant and eventually – that dream came true ….

With Uri Navon and Yossi” Pappy” Elad as my accomplices,  ”Machneyuda” an Israeli culinary refreshing change was born. A restaurant near the market, in all aspects. A Connection which created an interesting encounter between the streets of Jerusalem (a rich subject on its own but lets leave it for another time…) and our experience of the European cooking and dining culture. That created ‘oyster on a freeke base’ making it’s way to table 5 on grandmother’s old brass tray.

The interest and appreciation that received  “Machneyuda” gave us a strong drive to explore and experience different culinary cultures and participate in unique and renovating events. We opened “Machneyuda’s” younger brother “Yudal’e” – a kitchen Bar that is located across the street from its older example setter. The French restaurant “Mona”, “The Culinary Workshop” and the “Talbiye”- wine bar and kitchen underneath the “Sherover Jerusalem theatre”. We became “The Machneyuda Group”.

I recently returned to the small screen as a judge on the Israeli reality TV show “games of chefs” as well as mentoring a team of young and talented chefs to be.

In 2014 Assaf opened his restaurant “Palomar” with chef Tomer Amedi in London’s Soho  with Israeli aromas.

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14 Apr 2015
14:30 - 16:00
TEDxJerusalem Hall