Beto Maya

Licencee & Convener


Beto Maya – Licencee & Convener

Born in Mexico City, Beto was very active in the Zionist youth movement, “Dor Chadash.” After making aliyah in 1993, Beto developed Zionist Education and Leadership programming in many different frameworks. Upon completion of his Bachelor of Education Degree from the Beit Berl College in Informal Education and Israeli Studies, Beto worked in the Hagshama Department of the World Zionist Organization. Beto was then sent to Mexico City as a shaliach for the Jewish Agency for Israel and returned to Israel after three years and worked as the Education Coordinator of the Herzl Museum. He worked at the ROI Community, a project of the Schusterman Philanthropic network as director of Gatherings and Recruitment and at JFNA as the Program Director of the 2013 GA that took place in Israel. He currently works at WIZO as the Director of the Organization & Tourism Division.

Beto’s biggest dream is to make a difference in Jerusalem. That’s why he decided to become the license and convener of the biggest TEDx event in Israel – TEDxJerusalem.