Bint El Funk


“Bint El Funk” started as a small group based in Jerusalem. After playing on the local circuit. for only a short time, their popularity grew quickly and they started appearing on the line-ups of all the biggest festivals in Israel including: “InDNegev”,”Ashram in the Desert”, “Yearot Menashe”, “Israel Festival” and many more.

Bint El Funk developed a style that fuses traditional Yemenite music with contemporary grooves. This fusion gave rise to the term “Yemen funk” – a rich blend of unique sounds The band includes: singer, drums, Darbuka, double bass, guitar, trumpet, tenor sax, trombone.trumpet, tenor sax, trombone.

Without a doubt they were the hottest topic of the day, Bint El Funk caused us to wake up entirely regardless of the heat and early time of the day, they were , Their originality combined with the amazing grove of the Brass turned the forest into a nateive Yemenite party, and how fun was that !    –  “Columbus”, Yearot Menashe Festival

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Session #3

14 Apr 2015
14:30 - 16:00
TEDxJerusalem Hall