Dr. Yael Porat

Founder and CEO - BioGenCell Ltd


Dr. Yael Porat, PhD, is founder and CEO of BioGenCell Ltd (www.BioGenCell.net), a biotechnology company in the field of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. BioGenCell is developing a groundbreaking technology platform for automated production of patient-specific, blood-derived stem-cell-based therapies that will enable physicians to treat patients the day after diagnosis.

Dr. Porat, the author of many scientific publications and patents, has MA and PhD degrees in immunology from the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Since 1995 she has established a career in biotechnology companies as an innovator, scientist and director at start-ups and pharmaceutical companies.
Dr. Porat worked for XTL Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: XTLB; TASE: XTL; www.xtlbio.com)as a senior project manager. Thereafter, she served as head of the Global Biological Development Department at Teva Pharmaceuticals Global Innovative R&D Division (NASDAQ: TEVA; www.tevapharm.com).
Prior to founding BioGenCell, Dr. Porat was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in TheraVitae, where she established the R&D and manufacturing departments. She led the translation of innovative research into the production of clinic grade (GMP-compliant) stem cell-based products used for the treatment of patients with severe cardiovascular diseases.
Beyond leading the clinical success, Dr. Porat was responsible for intellectual property (IP) protection initiatives and published many research papers on the breakthroughs. This led to recognition as a Technology Pioneer for 2006 by the World Economic Forum based in Geneva.
BioGenCell, founded by Dr. Porat, is poised to create a breakthrough in stem cell therapy for the coming era of personalized medicine. The company’s proprietary technology platform (US patent 8709802) utilizes immune-directed stem cell specific activity to create cell-based products for a wide range of diseases, which will become the treatment of choice for personalized stem cell therapies. BioGenCell’s first line of products targets incurable vascular diseases, typical of diabetes complications such as heart failure, stroke, blindness, Peripheral Artery Disease and its most serious manifestation Critical Limb Ischemia.

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