Hana Rado

COO of McCann Tel Aviv


Hana Rado is working towards making Israel a better place. Beside her official job as COO of McCann Tel Aviv, she has become a serial social entrepreneur. Her most well-known venture is McCann Valley in Mizpe Ramon where she serves as a Chairman and Founder. McCann Valley is a digital advertising agency that has over 40 employees, half of them have relocated to the isolated desert town in the south of Israel. McCann Valley is constantly growing and hiring more people in the hope of changing Mizpe Ramon’s secluded reality. Beside McCann Valley she has founded an ecommerce Website called ‘Shopicka’ designated to make Israeli designers and brands more accessible to consumers. Her most recent entrepreneurship is called ‘Persona,’ which is a non-profit database aimed at forming equitable female presence in boards, conferences and key positions in all fields.