Hani Alami

CEO of Coolnet


Hani Alami, CEO of Coolnet, has more than twenty years’ of national and regional experience in telecommunications , business development, and a warm perceptive heart to technology and entrepreneurship.

Since 2009, with Hani at the helm of Coolnet Broadband Solutions, it has become one of the largest wireless-based broadband service providers in Palestine and a leading telecom solutions provider in the field of broadband and communication technologies, branching out to several locations in both the developed and developing world.

Prior to founding and leading Coolnet, Hani assumed numerous senior positions in major national companies in the PNA, the Middle East and various emerging markets. He worked with Motorola Two way Radio Division where he executed a number of telecom projects for prominent world-class clients in the middle East and in Africa under the Two-Way Radio Division and Paging Systems, with a joint work initiative on a 2-way radio patent along the years.

As an experienced enthusiast Alami excels at creating blue oceans, identifying key characteristics, the unique personality and “flavor” of an initiative, and then rolling out to a smooth Go-To strategy. His career of successful business exits in the technology sectors, gave Alami an ability to overview and steer management decisions through disorders, stress and challenging projects.

Hani routinely contributes his time and experience as a mentor, steering committee member or consultant for multiple initiatives across Israel.

He is currently established JEST (Jerusalem Entrepreneurs Society Technology), the first entrepreneurship center and tech hub for startups in East Jerusalem, as a philanthropic venture. This came to reality after his last success in acquiring Alvarion (NASDAQ:ALVR) into Coolnet group as a high end telecom equipment manufacturer.

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14 Apr 2015
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