An independent artist, choreograph, dancer, lecturer and improvisation and contact-improvisation teacher, in the last twenty years.

Graduate from the Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy and winner of “Colors in dancing”  (Gvanim Bemachol).

Member in the Choreographers Association,  and founder of the Contact-Improvisation Association.

Teaches in Israel,  and worldwide schools. Teacher in festivals, in dancing schools, and in personal development centers.

In the year 2005 established PLAY Studio, an independent school for improvisation, contact-improvisation and performing art.  Play studio encourages personal growth through the body, movement, improvisation and creative and healing process.

Cooperates with Shoham Reshef in an art projects in public spaces in order to connecting people, and creating spaces less alienated.

In the last five years leads contact interaction for Jewish-Arabs teenagers with the Palestinian choreographer Rabeah Morkus.

This is the way of implementing Ilanit’s vision of connecting people, creating a community and a different dialogue through art, improvisation and touch techniques.

All sessions by Ilanit Tadmor

Session #3

14 Apr 2015
14:30 - 16:00
TEDxJerusalem Hall