Shlomo Dushi

Executive Director of Sheatufim


Shlomo Dushi holds an MA in Public Policy and a BA in Psychology from Tel Aviv University.
He has served as executive director of Sheatufim – The Israel Center for Civil Society since its foundation in 2006. Sheatufim works to develop and promote social management, private philanthropy and trisector dialogue and collaboration between the government, business and NGOs in Israel.
Shlomo previously served as executive director of Zionism 2000 for Social Responsibility, an organization that seeks to develop civil society in Israel through programs such as “Businesses for the Community,” which involves the private sector in social responsibility and communal giving; social and business entrepreneurial programs for youth at risk; and community involvement and social change programs for youth and young adults.
Prior to his involvement in Zionism 2000, Shlomo served as executive director of the Israel Scouts movement and spent time in the US and Canada as the central emissary for the Scouts movement and the Jewish Agency for Israel.
Shlomo has extensive working experience and in-depth knowledge of government ministries, Israeli and foreign philanthropists, and NGOs. He has a proven ability to develop long-term cooperation between the different sectors.