Session #1

Maria Kong – Artistic Performance

Henrique Cymerman – Yesterday’s enemy can become tomorrow’s best partner

Dr. Yael Porat – The future of healthcare – on-demand, personalized stem cell therapy

Matan Berkowitz – How can music technology change lives?

Esty Shushan – No Voice no vote

Session #2

Prof. Oded Shoseyov – Lets not reinvent the wheel

Tsipor Maizlick – The power of intention

Ali Abu Awad – Painful Hope

Alon Neuman – IVF, fertility treatments & men: a puzzling proposition

Session #3 

Bint El Funk – Artistic Performance

Assaf Granit – How our food and eating habits are affected by major historical events

Rabea Ziuod – Giving a voice to the unheard

Ilanit Tadmor – A body under eyebrows – improvisation as a way of life

Bridges – Artistic Performance

Yiscah Smith – 40 years in the wilderness – my journey to authentic living

Session #4 

Dr. Ayelet Landau – Brain rhythm and attention

Hani Alami – East Jerusalem – new opportunities

Lihi Lapid – Falling in love with “compromise”

David Broza – East Jerusalem West Jerusalem